Tenents of
Shaolin Kung Fu


  • Motivation: have the desire to succeed
  • Confidence: believe in yourself
  • Discipline: follow directions
  • Perseverance: keep working for what you believe in despite hardship
  • Respect: willing to respect yourself and others
  • Community: caring for and being positive with others
  • Righteousness: do the right thing
  • Tolerance: do not allow emotions to overflow and affect character

Shaolin Values

Since the Shaolin Temple is a Buddhist Temple, Shaolin Kung Fu shares the same values as Buddhism. Master Shi Xing Hao has summarized some of the most important of these values into the Tenets of Shaolin Kung Fu. Shaolin students are expected to understand these tenets before they learn to execute a single strike. In order to pass their first Kung Fu level rank test, students are required to recite the tenets from memory.

Shaolin Kung Fu, as in Buddhism, ultimately lives in the heart. These tenets emphasize the Buddhist virtues of pure-minded concentration, fairness, and righteousness in all social interactions, including the training hall. These values are taught to Shaolin students because they define the true spirit of Shaolin Kung Fu. Those who do not live by them are not true Shaolin practitioners.

Learning these tenets is important to advancement in our school, however, in many ways, #7 already includes the spirit of the other seven tenets in the list. Righteousness simply means doing what you know you should do, simply because you know it is the right thing to do. Our master reserves the right to refuse tuition of any student who demonstrates a blatant disregard for the rules of our school. We try to make the experience at our school filled with fun and useful learning opportunities, and we strive to make the environment a safe atmosphere for everyone.